About Us

Who we are

The world is evolving! We are an acquisition company on a mission to empower the world with ingenious Time-Series forecasting solutions.

What we do

We invent avant-garde machine learning tools and customized solutions to simplify complex data management for Time-Series forecasting.

How we do

We oversee the business demand and create phenomenal tools to solve problems by rendering artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our Products

Time Series Forecasting For Everyone!

Odyx yHat is designed to offer accuracy, ease, & usability for conducting Time Series Forecasting on the go. Odyx yHat has been designed to meet the core needs of its intended users seeking a smart way to create as many time series forecasting projects as they want without the hassle of dealing with coding.

Innovate The World With Agriculture Forecasting!

Odyx Agrilytics is designed to predict the probability of customer churn or retention. Farmers can use this for different types of queries related to weather, market rates, plant protection, contract schemes, quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, or water to be used for plants.

Our Vision

Our vision is to digitally transform businesses with AI-powered solutions & introduce technology-agnostic solutions that can be beneficial to innovate the world. As the data is fluently growing, we can be the go-to resource to empower your company that adds creative problem-solving with the relentless force of positive energy. Odyx ai specializes in energy and commodity industries to translate data into meaningful information via practicing artificial intelligence. Our ML solutions, Software consultants, and Machine learning experts transform the business into a digital universe using data science modeling, computer vision, deep learning, robotics, and natural language processing. We help you in your business automation through tangible solutions and expert system deployment.

Why Odyx ai?

Accurate Forecasting

Odyx ai has state-of-the-art forecasting solutions to flourish businesses to achieve persistent goals via accuracy.

In-depth Data Insights

Our integrated business intelligence reporting and data analytics dashboard provide assistance on real-time collected data to non-technicals.

Market Volatility Prediction

A continuous data feed can be used to predict fluctuating prices and overcome market volatility.

Using AI in Automation

AI industrialization has reimagined the world by lessening human power, introducing robotic systems, and data-driven approach to automating systems.

Informed Decisions Making

Our time series forecasting process transforms blind decision-making into informed decision-making through a persistent data feed.

24×7 Ultimate Support

Our crypto, agriculture, and time series forecasting tools can be molded on businesses’ demand and future planning with 27×7 support.