Innovate The World With
Agriculture Forecasting!

About Odyx Agrilytics

Odyx Agrilytics is designed to predict the probability of customer churn or retention. Farmers can use this for different types of queries related to weather, market rates, plant protection, contract schemes, quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, or water to be used for plants.


Produces accurate forecasts by applying cutting-edge AI/ML to both old and new data sources

Automates forecasting duties, assures explainability, and further permits scenario simulations.

Analysis of behavioral activity that indicates potential customer churn, supporting corrective actions to be taken.

Improved targeting and relevant offers, resulting in an improved response rate to marketing campaigns.


  • Growth Targets

    Recurring revenue from existing clients to achieve growth targets.

  • Sustain Growth

    Acquiring new buyers to sustain growth.

  • Decision Making

    Collect & use customer data to influence the decision-making process.

  • Customers’  Preferences

    Understanding customer’s preferences, behaviors & expectations.

  • Customers’  Experience

    Measuring and assessing customers’ experience with our service.