Data Visualization

Using Data Visualization Solutions to Improve Data Reporting Efficiency.

Our Client

A significant E&P firm that supplies gasoline to aircraft, shipping firms, and essential US power producers is an OdyxAI client. Their operations include several storage terminals, retail locations, and business relationships with significant airports nationwide. They also have a vast global network of corporate clients. OdyxAI gathers large amounts of organizational data for its client from various oil ports and depots.


Managing their enormous data warehouses was the main issue for our customers as their operations grew. Using outdated data management techniques, their teams frequently needed help automating, combining, visualizing, and reporting to the executive body.

Their main concerns were:

  • Manual reporting processes that are time- and error-consuming.
  • Fewer data visibility into the operations of their oil ports and depots.
  • Various divisions, including finance, transportation, maintenance, and energy use, have slow data accessibility.


Due to arising issues, the client had to use data visualization via an actionable intelligence method. Using the current database of our client, OdyxAI implemented AWS RDS, AWS IAM, AWS Trusted Advisor, and Power BI. These reports assisted them in meeting their varying data accessibility requirements at various departmental and individual levels. Additionally, our solution assisted the customer in producing reports for multiple stakeholders that included the most pertinent KPIs, including:

  • Aviation’s security incident.
  • Transportation exceptions.

Power BI in our client’s solution allowed them to edit the data at the terminals and depot manually. Additionally, Power BI increased our client’s company’s reporting and analytical accuracy.


The client experienced considerable improvements in their overall functions after successfully integrating our solution into their data gathering and management activities, such as:

  • Higher rate of data accuracy
  • Improved data input capabilities
  • More speed at a lesser cost
  • Swift data loading without buffers
  • Automated requirement-based reporting for personalized data visualization

Technology Used

  • Kinesis
  • Lambda Functions
  • S3
  • MongoDB


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